The origins of the Weather Diary collection

Have you ever kept a weather diary? Meticulously logged wind speeds and whitecaps, searched the sky for migratory birds. And in the midst of all things meteorological, made note of life’s important moments.


The origins of the Weather Diary collection

In December 2011, a group of Marimekko’s design team members sat chatting. It turned out that all of them were fascinated by the same subject: the painterly beauty of weather. It was decided to go deeper into the subject, as they all felt that it was something that had to be done.

After the chat, a design brief was prepared and presented to designer Aino-Maija Metsola. She began to develop the theme in her mind, gathered photographs and samples of her earlier sketches. Everything seemed to fall into place.

The actual design process took several months. In her workspace, Aino-Maija made a large number of drawings and paintings, each more impressive than the last. The design team met at Marimekko at regular intervals to discuss the process.

After various phases, much pondering and shared insights, the end result was a bold collection of fabrics, tableware, home textiles and posters inspired by weather phenomena.

Would you like to see what happened during the process? Take a look at a selection of images from the different phases of the design process and of Aino-Maija’s magnificent sketches.

See also images of the products and read how Aino-Maija describes the design work here.

Watch our Weather Diary video here.